2018 Spring Trends

2018 Spring Trends

Spring brings freshness, in all aspects of life—and in decoration, in particular! The change of season is an ideal opportunity to modify a few aspects of our decor or add something new that will give us a touch of the fine weather that is fast approaching. In this article, we will show you the main ways to follow the season’s trends while keeping your current decor!

Spring shades

This season, soft, pastel colours are in the spotlight! For 2018, Benjamin Moore has created an assortment of 23 smooth, flowing colours in a monochrome concept.

Here, you will find a selection of cold and warm shades, ranging from Patriotic White 2135-70 (a fresh and soft bluish white), Soft Sand (a soothing, pinkish beige) and Seahorse (a soft, light yellow). These colour suggestions may also inspire you to buy some accessories that will complement your decor. Transparent vases in pale tones are popular nowadays and add a retro touch. Be on the lookout for small items and favour pastel accents. This is a look that is gentle on the eyes, pacifying for the morale and heralds mild spring temperatures!

And don’t forget the ultimate colour that reflects nature: green! Available in all its shades, it is calming yet energizing. Adding little touches of green to our decor therefore helps create a warm, relaxing atmosphere. What’s fantastic is that greens go with any style, whether contemporary, classic or even rustic! To add colour to your walls, choose Benjamin Moore’s Martini Olive (CSP-890).  This is a comforting shade with a slight touch of yellow. A wise choice!

Get the flowers out!

Spring is also the time to focus on flowers and plants. Opt for real bouquets of flowers and add them to your decor! By refreshing your sprays of flowers regularly, you will create a successful spring atmosphere without too much effort. Synthetic plants or flowers are a good alternative, but they won’t replace the nature of this beautiful season. If you want to add a floral note to your room without having to make several changes during the season, floral designs are the solution! Dish cloths, decorative cushions, throws, tablecloths and napkins are good, economical examples.

If you want to be daring and go a step further, opt for adding some wallpaper on an accent wall. A floral design is a reliable, timeless choice. Regardless of the season, it will always be a focal design in your room in harmony with the rest of your decor. Come and consult our library of wallpaper books with inspiring designs and surprising textures. One visit will be enough to impress you!

Spring is undoubtedly the season that leaves room for change and the desire for renewal with the beautiful weather gradually moving in. If you would like a decorator to help you make some changes to your decor, just make an appointment with us!