Benjamin Moore Unveils its Colour of the Year for 2020

Here it is! Benjamin Moore has unveiled its colour of the year for 2020! Soft and gentle, First Light 2102-70 is a delicate pink hue that is part of Benjamin Moore’s new palette. Learn more about this colour and how to coordinate it with the various rooms in your home.

In the living room
No need to cover all the walls of your living room to achieve a fresh effect. The First Light shade perfectly harmonizes with neutral colours: light wood furniture, white carpets and cream-coloured armchairs, to name a few. Give your sofa a boost by choosing cushions with toned accents, which will delicately brighten up the atmosphere in this room. And a thick woollen throw will add the finishing touches to this comfort and cocooning area. Opt for lamps that will provide a cozy atmosphere with warm light. Make sure you can dim the lighting, to create a tranquil effect when the evening sets in. And lastly, a vase containing a bouquet of dried pink flowers will enhance your decor with a little natural touch.

In the bathroom
Since the First Light shade goes wonderfully well with black and white, decide on bathroom accessories in these shades. Consider ceramics for your soap holder/dispenser and mirror with a white outline. Go for a black bath mat and towels for a dynamic, modern look. Also hang a few frames with a black border and insert minimalist-style illustrations inside.

In the bedroom
For a beautiful, contrasting effect, apply pink to only one of the bedroom walls—just the wall behind the bed. For the other walls, opt for a neutral shade, such as White Heron OC-57, which will add calmness and tranquility to your decor. Pick simple accessories: a white duvet cover, light wood furniture and grey curtains will perfectly blend with pink. For a stronger contrast, you could also choose a navy blue duvet cover instead, for a very soothing appearance. After all, blue brings the ocean and holidays to mind, and the combination of these two shades will create a romantic mood in the room.

In the basement
To enjoy the comfort of your basement, set up a cozy atmosphere where you will feel like relaxing. For the most striking contrast, cover a wall with the First Light shade and one of the small walls with Danube Blue, a rich, warm blue colour. Place a light-coloured armchair against the blue wall to lighten this hue. Since the basement is often the dimmest room in the house, try mustard yellow as an accent colour. This will liven up the room, while giving it a warm glow.

In the entrance hall
Since the entrance hall is an often overlooked part of a house, it may be interesting to add a little pizzazz there. To do so, paint the walls with First Light, which will set the tone for people entering your home. If you can paint your front door, use this soft pink shade for a really spectacular effect! Consider a grey carpet, a light wood storage bench or light wood basket. After all, the entrance to a house is the first impression and a lasting one! Why not give it special attention?

To discover all the colours of the 2020 palette as well as inspiring photos, visit Benjamin Moore’s website. Moreover, if you want to dare to use pink, but don’t know how to coordinate it with your decor, come and meet with the Décoration Le Corbusier team to benefit from the expertise and flair of our decorators. Decorating will have never been so much fun!