Take Advantage of the Spring to Refresh Your Decor

When spring arrives, we suddenly feel like redecorating! To do so, there’s no need to invest a fortune in furniture or renovations. Sometimes, a simple change of colour or the addition of a little wallpaper can give your home a touch of something special! So here are a few tips to get the new season off to a good start!

Softness, for a muffled atmosphere
This spring, it’s all about soft colours, and Benjamin Moore is all set! In fact, its Colour Trends 2020 palette includes an assortment of shades, each one more inspiring than the last. Choose from First Light soft pink, Thunder grey, Crystalline green or Oxford Gray to create a muffled, luminous atmosphere. As for accessories, opt for durable, natural-looking materials. Pale wood, rattan and wool are perfect choices for your home. In addition to being materials that will stand the test of time, furniture and accessories made of these materials are timeless and are in keeping with the zero-waste philosophy that our society is gradually adopting.

Wallpaper is very popular
For a simple dazzling affect, opt for floral wallpaper, with graphic lines or modern prints. Inexpensive, this option is sure to attract your guests’ compliments and attention. Since wallpaper is often heavily patterned, it is advisable to put it on just one wall in your room. In this way, you can create a very attractive balance between the colour of the adjacent walls and the chosen wallpaper. At Décoration Le Corbusier, we carry the Concord and Crown brands for a wide range of patterns and colours. To learn all about the art of wallpapering, don’t hesitate to ask one of our decorators for advice or consult this checklist designed to ensure that your project meets your expectations.

Welcome to curves
While the trends of the past few years featured furniture and accessories with clear-cut lines, this year we are seeing a return to curves. Lighting fixtures, chairs, armchairs, chandeliers and tables are just a few of the items you could choose from in a rounded shape. There are also beautiful wallpaper designs with curvy prints. Adopting this trend will give your decor a good dose of character, while creating a cozy atmosphere.

Go for contrasts!
If you like decors with personality, opt for an atmosphere full of contrasts. From Benjamin Moore’s Colour Trends 2020 palette, Danube Blue will add sparkle to your home. To avoid darkening the room, paint just one of the walls or, for a bit more pizzazz, paint the door that leads to a room with soft colours. You can easily add a few colourful accessories to this contrast that you have created in this way.

To learn all about the decorating trends of 2020, visit one of our four branches. There you will find an assortment of decorating accessories, a wide selection of wallpaper, and the full line of Benjamin Moore paints. Our decorators will be pleased to guide you in revitalizing your decor, while staying true to your personality.