Painting Project in Times of Social Distancing!

With the global pandemic we are facing, social distancing is of the utmost importance for everyone’s well-being and health and we must follow the Government recommendations. That said, there is nothing better than a renovation project in the comfort of your own home to keep your hands and mind busy and, above all, to put some colour into your life. It will bring a breath of fresh air into your home as well as add a little cheer during these difficult times. Just by painting, you can make such changes. Benjamin Moore has a palette of soft colours to offer you for 2020. Give it a look and let yourself be tempted to take the plunge..

At Décoration Le Corbusier, we have ideas and solutions galore!

When we think about a painting project, we often consider changing the colour of the walls in a standard way. But what about all the other options available to us? You can redesign open-concept rooms with walls featuring original accents that will brighten up the whole house. This inexpensive solution will enable you to create a minimalist decor, reducing the need to add decorative objects.

The possibilities are limited only by your own imagination. Dare to paint your wall geometrically, asymmetrically, with stripes or with more vibrant cut-outs and shapes. A good quality masking tape will then become your best ally. Take a step back to get a better overview of your project before you start. Draw inspiration from images found on Pinterest or elsewhere on the web.

You can also opt for contrasting frames that give the illusion of natural ones, or two-tone walls: the top and bottom of the wall in different colours that go well together. These two techniques are easier, but will still add originality to your decor.

And lastly, for the more daring and creative, patterned walls will add character to a more neutral room, just like painting the ceiling in a dark, cozy colour or creating a wall with relief. So many ideas to enable you to enhance your home and carry out a more or less long-term project, in line with your budget and your ambitions.

A specific paint for each project

Whether for your interior walls, ceilings, trims, cabinets, doors or patio, it is important to choose the right product and technique. Your work will then have a professional look and your project will be carried out under the best conditions. To help you, let the videos and advice of our Benjamin Moore experts inspire you.

You have a project, we have the right product! For example, freshen up your front door with Benjamin Moore’s Aura Grand Entrance paint, your ceiling with Benjamin Moore’s water-based ceiling paint, your cabinets with Benjamin Moore’s ADVANCE paint, etc.

Before you come to see us, contact us for any questions about our products and services and we will be pleased to help you.