Aegean Teal, Benjamin Moore’s Colour of 2021!

On October 14, Benjamin Moore unveiled its 2021 Colour of the Year live on Facebook. Given the present situation, this paint manufacturer adapted to the challenges at hand in order to present its new colour palette nevertheless—earth tones. The annual celebration of colour is the culmination of a full year of observing influences from various fields around the world: design, fashion, arts, culture, environment, etc. Benjamin Moore then carefully composes the Colour Trends palette that combines modernness with timelessness, from which the colour of the year is named!

2021 colour trends

The 12 shades selected by the Benjamin Moore team for 2021 bring softness and a soothing atmosphere to any room in the house, but it’s the kitchen that is the focus of this manufacturer’s attention. According to Benjamin Moore, the kitchen is a place of creation where food and encounters inspire the colour and decor of the other adjacent rooms to form the living space. The warm, sunny shades of the new 2021 Colour Trends palette reflect this sensibility and nourish the senses. Since colours can have a strong impact on emotions and feelings, the colour palette was developed to create a sense of well-being and stability for a welcoming and comforting atmosphere in homes.

Aegean Teal 2136-40, Colour of the Year

Since working from home is forcing people to rethink their home office, Aegean Teal is the perfect colour for a natural and reassuring decor. Combined with raw, light or dark wood shelves, this colour will add a pleasant atmosphere to the room and help concentration. As Aegean Teal is very versatile, it can be used in any room. Relaxing, intriguing and balanced, the colour of the year creates natural harmony in the home.

The opinion of Décoration Le Corbusier

Karla Perez, our Hybrid – Paint-Design at Décoration Le Corbusier Laval, tells us about her love for this very organic, earth-inspired colour palette. Aegean Teal makes us think of water, Potters Clay of real clay and Silhouette of earth. “In photos, the rather pastel colours of the palette may appear faded, but when you see them in real life, the colours are rich! It’s worth seeing them in person to get a more realistic idea of their impact!” says Karla. In addition, it can be seen that Aegean Teal may be used in a contemporary setting, by combining it with marble, concrete, stone or velvet. For a more country style, just combine in it with wood. From the baby’s room to the yoga room, the fitness room or bathroom, the colour is very versatile and goes well with the rest of the palette, and also with darker blues or aqua as well as a number of decorative elements.

According to the tastes of our Hybrid – Paint-Design, since Aegean Teal is more fluid with earth tones, it goes very well with Potters Clay, as they are colours that are very close to one other, so they are easy to combine. If we wish to make it stand out more, it is better to match it with the Silhouette colour. In another vein, Rosy Peach combined with Silhouette allows for a much more subtle combination of colors. What is important is to create a fine balance between the colours of the same room or space. Colours such as Rosy Peach, Kingsport Gray or Chestertown Buff allow for these accents, while Gray Cashmere, Atrium White, Muslin and Foggy Morning are easier to blend with anything. Karla also mentions that the pale colours white, grey and beige (known as greige) are still among the most loved and most used colours by her clients.

You want to add the new 2021 colours to your home, but need some advice? Call one of our paint or interior design specialists and they will be able to guide you towards a natural decor to suit your taste!