Decorative trim and moulding

Victorian, rustic, and chic looks to help you add a bit of personality to your decor.

More than just a finish!

Trims and mouldings are not mere decorative features; they are first and foremost a key feature of a house’s architectural design. In addition, their lines and embellishments give a room its special character, reflecting its occupant’s personality. They can equally set off a decorative feature such as a piece of furniture, an accessory, a staircase, or kitchen cupboards.

For a seamless integration!

Whether you want to give your living room a Victorian or a thoroughly modern look, you will find at Décoration Le Corbusier all you need to adorn all your rooms from panelling, walls, cornices, to pediments, medallions, and much more! Let our designers show you how to use them to complement your decor.

The timeless classic

Choose from a wide array of mouldings suited to your decor. In addition, a new PVC moulding with integrated lighting will soon be available in-store. Watch for it. For your benefit, Décoration Le Corbusier is always on the lookout for the latest technologies.