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From a paint brush to decoration, you will find all under the same roof!


Have a project? We have the solution to suit your taste and budget!

Industrial paint

Find solutions for your projects—from large-scale ones to the smallest.


Discover all the possibilities stain offers for adding a touch of natural brightness.

Decorating service

For the decoration of a home, a store, an office, or an institution, Décoration Le Corbusier is your partner!

Window Dressing

A world of possibilities for your windows!


The ideal turnkey, the touch of personality and quality in a blend of elegance!

Kitchen and Bath

Common spaces with a unique charm !

Floorings and Coverings

Discover the latest trends in wall and floor coverings.


Embellish a wall to create an elegant atmosphere.

Trims and mouldings

Victorian or rustic chic looks to add a little personality to your decor.

Decorative accessories

To enhance a decor, nothing is better than an eye-catching, elegant, or original accessory.

Reseach centre for designers

For enthusiasts making a career out of it !