Embellish a wall to create an elegant atmosphere.

The great comeback of wallpaper

In recent years, wallpaper has staged a strong comeback in the decoration market. With its diverse patterns and textures, it serves as a starting point in the decoration of a room by giving it a personal feel and character. It is resistant, versatile, easy to maintain, and can be used to decorate a room in a house, a store, or a hallway.

Natural, man-made or eco-friendly

The wallpaper can be made of paper, vinyl, natural fibres (straw, bamboo, or cork) or textile fibres (velvet), and even contain glass beads. Since we care about the environment, we also offer hand-made wallpaper, whether recycled or eco-friendly. The options are endless!

A wallpaper library awaits!

To nurture your inspiration, come and take a look at our selection in-store and touch the different textures! 1,000+ wallpaper samples to suit every style will charm you. Find the touch to complement your dream decor.