Kitchen and bathrooms

Common spaces with a special flair!

Kitchens, bathrooms and counters

The kitchen and bathroom are the cornerstones of a home. To help you spruce them up, Décoration Le Corbusier offers you a broad range of high-quality products from ceramics to accessories and furniture. You can also take your pick of counters from our vast selection of materials, including wood, laminates, quartz, and granite.

Want to upgrade your space?

Let one of our experienced designers design your kitchen or bathroom. Our kitchen designer is also available to fit your kitchen!

Methodical and detail-oriented fitters

Rely on our experienced fitters who will fit your counters fast and efficiently. Décoration Le Corbusier and its trusted team promise you a meticulous, on-time, and quality fitting service.

Lots of advantages:

  • Easy to install;
  • Heat-resistant and moisture-proof
  • Guaranteed for 5 years.

Do it yourself or request installation service!