Research centre for designers

For enthusiasts making a career out of it!

A haven for your creativity

Since Décoration Le Corbusier is intended as a venue for ideas and resources in the decoration field, we give interior designers access to a library, a consultation room, and numerous tools. Find out about arrangements for designers and take advantage of several discounts.

Access to the library

By first establishing an arrangement, we give you access to our impressive library of ideas that will help you create decors inspired by our collections of samples, product catalogues, and specialized interior design magazines.  It’s an excellent way to pool your research and access all designs and the latest trends!

Coffee break and wireless Internet

Our consultation room also has a coffee-break area and Internet access to ensure your time at Décoration Le Corbusier is pleasant and rewarding. Welcome!

A crucial tool: Colour trend chart

Benjamin Moore’s Fan Deck features new colors of the year!

Call us now to order it.