Exterior and Interior Stain

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Here are a few of our staining products.
Several brands feature advantages suited to your specific project.

Benjamin Moore Products

ARBORCOAT® Premium Exterior Stain

ARBORCOAT Premium Exterior Stains offer a variety of opacities in an array of captivating colours that let you express your own unique style. These finishes are designed to enhance the appearance of your deck, siding, or outdoor wood furniture with outstanding colour retention. All ARBORCOAT finishes are easy to apply and offer superior protection while enriching the texture and grain of exterior wood surfaces.

Fresh Start® Premium Exterior Primers

Our line of exterior Fresh Start premium primers ensure the best possible results, especially when sealing and priming new or previously painted wood and weathered surfaces. The need to use these products varies from job to job and can range from problems with stains, moisture damage, cedar or redwood bleeding and other common issues. Here are the products to choose from when needing an exterior primer.

CUTEK high-performance exterior timber protection

A wood specialist, Cutek Extreme is renowned for its expertise in the cleaning and protection of wood and specialty wood products. This company offers a range of high-performance products for the cleaning, protection and maintenance of wood. Cutek Extreme products are used worldwide, even at Australia’s famous Adelaide Zoo.

Livos Products

LINN 1703: Clear bathroom furniture oil

This oil is designed for solid wood furniture submitted to high humidity levels, like it is the case in bathrooms.

  • Increased waterproof ability and higher sheen.
  • Superior resistance to toothpaste stains.
  • Can be used as a topcoat over KUNOS 243 or KUNOS 244.

KUNOS 243: Clear countertop and humid area oil

Ecological and safe, this clear countertop oil has increased waterproof ability: perfect for your kitchen.

  • High waterproof ability.Low odor.
  • Excellent coverage and great value.
  • Can be applied as a topcoat on KUNOS 244 increasing its waterproof ability, as a simple clear coat or alone, in two or three coats.
  • Professional quality finish and exceptional stain resistance.
  • Approved for food contact according to German standards.

ALIS 148: Clear paddle oil

This highly efficient natural oil is specially designed to protect your paddles in an ecological way.

  • Builds thick coats easily and dries quickly.
  • Provides a semi-gloss, waterproof finish after three or four coats.

DONNOS 223: Penetrating fence stain

For exterior solid wooden surfaces, such as fences, outdoor toys, wooden frameworks, barns, stables, hotbeds, and flower boxes.

  • 8 natural colors available.Suitable for all types of wood.
  • Non-peeling.
  • Low odor.
  • Made from entirely natural components.
  • High coverage, from 100 to 150 ft² per liter.
  • Can be applied using a roller, a brush, a gun or by immersion.

Sansin Products

Sansin Dec: Deep penetrating two-coat protection

Deep penetrating two-coat protection.Between the BBQ, the patio furniture and family get-togethers, decks have to handle more traffic than any other wood around your house. That’s why Sansin Dec is designed as a rugged two-coat formula that penetrates deeply, protecting your wood from within. Where many deck coatings easily peel and scratch, exposing wood to the elements, Dec enhances wood tissue with lasting protection from rain and UV exposure. Perfect for cedar, exotic hardwoods, Southern pine, pressure-treated lumber – whatever your deck is made of, Sansin Dec’s deep penetrating solids will protect its beauty and character.

Sansin Classic: Specially engineered for log and timber-frame structures.

Specially engineered for log and timber-frame structures.Classic is the ultimate finish for logs and big timbers – easily maintained, it can keep wood beautiful literally for decades. This low-lustre three-coat penetrating formula not only enhances the natural beauty of wood, it also allows it to breathe. A log home requires more than protection from sun and rain – the sheer size of the wood demands a coating that “breathes” freely to prevent moisture from getting trapped and rotting the log from within.

Sansin Purity Floor: Ultra-tough gymnasium grade finish for floors.

Ultra-tough gymnasium grade finish for floors.Purity Floor amplifies the natural tones and character of your wood floors. Durable, chemical- and scratch-resistant, Floor is the ultimate in beauty and protection for wood surfaces of all kinds, including softwoods like pine. Available in satin and gloss formulas, Floor enhances the grain and personality of your wood floors dramatically.