The Benjamin Moore Colour of the Year: Simply White

Superimposed whites, diffused light…Ambiance

Succumb to the complexity of white. In the house of this abstract art specialist, the interplay of various shades of white and light impresses by its beauty with subtle nuances.

Striking contrasts, bold lines…Definition.

The corners and edges are well defined as black contrasts sharply with white. A digital designer’s studio expresses a certain purpose and celebrates form by punctuating the black and white landscape with highly saturated, futuristic colours.

Walls whitewashed with lime, hand-shaped beams…Texture.

In a ceramist’s studio, harmony reigns supreme. Layers of white paint provide a soft, warm glow, accentuating boards and rustic beams.

Vivid colour, with borders in brilliant white…Concentration.

White frames and accessories. In the posh home of an art gallery owner, white serves as a visual guide toward the various colourful stops.

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