Recycled Wood for Decks

With the good weather at our doorstep, who doesn’t feel like getting their deck ready for the summer season? Outdoor decoration should not be forgotten when it comes time to follow the trends. For the past several years, recycled wood has been everywhere and has become a key material that can be used in many places. The deck is undoubtedly the ideal place to take advantage of its practical, inexpensive and up-to-the-minute appeal!

Whether to renovate your worn-out deck or to build a new outdoor structure, recycled wood can be easily modified with a simple coat of stain. Benjamin Moore offers a recycled wood finishing product called ARBORCOAT. The line features a number of top-quality exterior stain products, with superior UV protection, resistance to mould and excellent touch-up and covering results.

There is a good choice of shades in most of the products. Before beginning your project, it is advisable to test the purchased product on a non-visible place to check that the colour and transparency are what you want. You will then be sure that the chosen shade suits you, because sometimes the shade in our decor comes out differently than in the store. Benjamin Moore offers a practical guide providing good advice on how to stain your deck with ARBORCOAT.

Before starting to build complete outdoor furniture out of wood or recycled wood pallets, it is recommended to make a plan. With the exact measurements, you can build a custom deck that will cover the available space. A customized project that will definitely be a success with your guests!

To complete your deck, add a few decorative cushions in trendy patterns. It is with these accessories that you will be able to indulge in bright colours!

Exterior staining is therefore the option to consider if you want to make a change in your exterior décor without having to buy new furniture or redo a complete installation of a new deck!

The Le Corbusier Decoration team will be able to recommend the product to use and explain the application techniques to obtain satisfactory results. Our team is here to help you achieve your renovation and finishing objectives. Make an appointment!