Repainting Your Front Door

Your home needs some improvements after a number of years of wear and tear? Bear in mind that there are beautiful options that will enhance the look of your property and will definitely modernize it as well! Summer is the perfect time to make changes outside your property. Many renovation options available on the market today are inexpensive and will allow you to give the exterior of your home a completely fresh, new appearance!


The key components of a house’s front façade are the front door and windows. If they are in good condition, why replace them completely if you have the option of painting them? Some people may be sceptical about painting quality exterior materials such as an entrance door, however, many Benjamin Moore products will ensure professional results. It is therefore well worth refreshing them to avoid high expenses that may not be necessary. Choosing a quality paint is a must!


Benjamin Moore offers products from the Aura Grand Entrance line specially designed for outdoor use with a number of colour choices. Depending on your preference, you can choose a satin or high gloss finish. Both offer a rich, lustrous look, excellent colour retention and fade resistance.


And what’s wonderful about these products is that they allow you to do it yourself, with easy application and a limited lifetime warranty for the Aura Grand Entrance collection. These products are also designed with Benjamin Moore’s Gennex technology.


To make the right choice of colour for your door and windows, take a good look at the colour of your roof and analyse the style of your home. Neutral colours are always a winning option, but bright accent colours are back and very trendy. After all, you can make this change every five years if you want, in order to stand out in your neighbourhood!


Consult our Benjamin Moore paint specialists to help you with your project. From the choice of colour to technical advice on application of the product, they will be able to wisely guide you all the way. Discover the Décoration Le Corbusier location nearest you, by clicking here!