The arrival of the fall season and the start of the new school year prompt us to make changes to our day-to-day lives and introduce new things. Whether in our habits or in our environment, change is always pleasant and brings a feeling of freshness! Every year, new decoration trends are announced and presented on social networks and in magazines. Obviously, we can’t follow and adopt them all, so we have to make a selection of our favourites! Among the trends that are currently at the top, here are those that may prove useful, if you are thinking of making changes to your decor this fall.



For several years, wood in all its forms and shades has been highly desirable and automatically gives a warmer look. The simple addition of some wooden features creates a Scandinavian atmosphere. This year, natural wood is the most popular and is THE one to adopt! Whether for flooring, cabinets or furniture, consider how you can integrate it into your decor. If you have a wood floor and you want to stain it to freshen it up, take note that at Décoration Le Corbusier, we can reproduce the type of wood flooring you have, regardless of its age. We will find the perfect equivalent colour to restore the original shine to your floors. Our specialists, recognized for their expertise in colouring, will guide you through their many wood stain solutions.


On social networks, you have undoubtedly noticed the big trend for plants. Adding greenery brings a zen touch and a relaxing atmosphere to your room. A living room, bedroom, kitchen and even a bathroom can have a plant! If you are not fanatic about real plants and the maintenance that comes with them, accessories with plant patterns are very fashionable, too! Buy a new pillow cover for your bedroom or some wallpaper for your bathroom wall and you will instantly give your room a fresh, new look. Visit a Décoration Le Corbusier store to discover the vast selection of wallpapers with many original patterns of high quality and from collections of renowned designers. On site, also discover a vast choice of high-end bedding. You will surely be delighted!


You read it right: Velvet is very much back in style! This ultra-soft material adds softness and richness to any space. A velvet accessory or piece of furniture will bring a touch of newness and a totally trendy look to your bedroom or living room. A velvet armchair with chrome legs will become the highlight of your decor. If you don’t dare to buy a piece of furniture made of this material, a simple decorative cushion would be a good first step towards this new trend! At Décoration Le Corbusier, you will be pleasantly surprised by the range of exclusive fabrics offered at affordable prices. After all, velvet is a timeless material that will always be present in interior design!

Autumn is a time of change and new beginnings. This is the most enjoyable time to make changes and add something new to your decor. What trend will you adopt? If you need some inspiration, visit one of our shops to discover a wealth of ideas!