Window Dressing, Not Just for Appearance’s Sake!

Window Dressing, Not Just for Appearance's Sake!

Buying a house comes, of course, with all the expenses related to renovation or decoration that make it possible to customize our new space according to our tastes. The essential accessory for all rooms is undoubtedly window covering. Whether your home is new or not, installing window treatments to suit your own taste is a must! A number of constraints can be taken into consideration and influence your choice. Before focusing on the aesthetic aspect, consider the direction of the sun and the location of the window in your room. This will have an impact on the choice of the opacity of the window treatment. Then go around with your tape measure for the measurement step and contact your decorating advisor… It’s time to shop!



One of the rooms in your house has large windows? Have you thought about veiling? It’s the perfect option to add a touch of luxury and create an effect of grandeur. The ultimate classic will always be a white veil, installed from the top of the wall to the floor. A warm, sublime look will then naturally settle into your bedroom, living room or dining room! The secret to veiling? The quality of the fabric. Contact a professional to advise you on the choice of fabric, colour and dimensions!



For a classy, structured style, choose shutters for your window covering. For the past few years, they have proven very popular again and give you wonderful privacy, while allowing natural light to enter a room. The Hunter Douglas line offers a range of customized products and the largest collection of innovative, stylish, energy-efficient window treatments in Canada! Meet with a specialist at one of the Le Corbusier Decoration boutiques for full assistance in choosing Hunter Douglas shutters.



Blinds of all kinds have been making a big comeback in recent years. There is a vast range of styles and materials to go with any type of decor. In 2018, wood is one of the most widely used materials in interior decoration. Why not opt for it as a window covering? The Canadian Hunter Douglas company has created the EVERWOOD collection of wood-look blinds. Classic and timeless in appearance, they are available in many colours to blend with the shades of your current decor.

Metal blinds, on the other hand, provide a sleek, refined look. This elegant option allows you to control the brightness in your room as much as possible, while creating a warm, pleasant atmosphere. Hunter Douglas’ MODERN PRECIOUS METALS collection is a reliable choice! When slanted in the closed position, they look like ordinary blinds; when open, they offer twice as much visibility to the outside as regular horizontal blinds, therefore increasing the amount of light that enters the room.

Interior decoration plays an important role in creating atmosphere. As for window dressing, it sets the stage for the overall style of a room! Therefore it’s essential to choose it with careful consideration so that all the components blend together.