Spring 2023 Trends

Spring means freshness in all areas of life, especially in decoration! The change of season is the perfect opportunity to change a few of our decor components or add new ones that will give us a foretaste of the beautiful weather that is just around the corner. In this article, we will show you the main ways to follow the season’s trends, while keeping your decor looking stylish!


Changing hues for the spring season

This season, bright colours are in the spotlight! We invite you to discover the Benjamin Moore Colour Stories® Collection. This subtly shaded colour palette has a unique way of reacting to light. Comprised of a series of striking hues, the paints in this collection are designed to look different in changing light.

From warm reds to bright oranges to vibrant yellows, these shades will illuminate the interior of your home and adapt to the changing light of spring. Add invigorating greens, dreamy blues and purples as well as neutral colours that are anything but monotonous.

Available exclusively in Aura® Interior Paints, these hues are created from a complex, multi-pigment formula with colours that are very responsive to different light conditions.


Plants are welcome!

Spring is also the time to focus on house plants. Spread them out in every room and let nature do the rest!

Here are a few low-maintenance varieties of plants:

  • Perfect for rooms without windows!
  • The rubber plant. Beautiful, imposing and very resistant.
  • Its green and pink leaves will match perfectly with your decor!
  • A touch of greenery that is virtually indestructible.

Synthetic plants or flowers are a good alternative if you really don’t have a green thumb. Otherwise, have you considered natural patterned accessories? Dishcloths, decorative cushions, throws, tablecloths and napkins are good, economical examples.

You can even cover an accent wall with leaf-patterned wallpaper for a spectacular effect. Come check out our library of wallpaper books with inspiring patterns and amazing textures. One visit is all it takes to blow your mind!

Spring is definitely a time for change and it sparks the desire for a new look as the warm weather slowly sets in. If you would like an interior decorator to help you make changes to your décor, make an appointment with us!