How to Brighten Up a Dark Hallway?

Although we pass through it many times a day, the hallway is often a neglected space when it comes to decorating. However, you can revitalize your hallway with these suggestions…


Choose a light colour for your walls

To avoid making a narrow hallway with no natural light lok even narrower than it really is, it’s best to use light colours on the walls.

It’s a good idea to bear in mind that a hallway is the link to the open space. This often dictates the choice of colour to be used. Of course, the various shades of white are always good options, but you don’t have to limit yourself to those. Pastels can be an interesting alternative.

To add a touch of originality, why not try wallpaper instead of paint? This decorative material offers a thousand and one possibilities for patterns and effects. Besides, wallpaper can be very useful for hiding certain imperfections on your walls.

You can even transform the space and shape of your hallway by using both paint and wallpaper.


Give your hallway the right lighting

This may seem obvious, but it’s actually essential: the right lighting can make all the difference! When it comes to lighting fixtures, the possibilities are endless.

Ceiling lights provide plenty of light, while wall sconces create a welcoming, subdued atmosphere. A pretty lamp on a console table adds a pleasant touch of warmth.


Make good use of accessories

Certain accessories are particularly effective in making a small space look larger. Mirrors are indispensable for this purpose. Both decorative and functional, mirrors give an impression of enlargement and reflect light, just as light colours do on walls.

Moreover, if your hallway is rather narrow, opt for wall-mounted decorative accessories. For example, you can decorate one wall with a set of framed photos.

Whether you need help choosing the right colour, or finding decorative accessories to suit your image, our team is here to help.  Come and see us at our shop.