Paintable Wallpaper: Think Outside the Box for Your Home Decor!

You’re finally ready to start decorating a room in your home. But you’re not sure whether to paint or wallpaper your walls. Why not both? With paintable wallpaper, you don’t have to compromise anymore.

Concord paintable wallpaper is ideal for damaged walls. It adds texture while hiding imperfections. And of course, you benefit from the variety of colours offered by Benjamin Moore paints!

Find out how to use this product for your decorating project by reading this article…


Step 1: Preparing the surface

Before installing wallpaper, make sure your wall is ready for it. If the wall is glossy, you’ll need to sand it. If it has a matte finish, you’ll need to clean it with a degreaser.

Although paintable wallpaper can be used to hide a damaged wall, it’s always best to repair any holes that are too large, as these could prevent the wallpaper from properly sticking to the surface.


Step 2: Priming the wall to be covered

Once you’ve prepared the surface that you want to cover with wallpaper, apply a coat of primer designed for this type of use. A 100% acrylic primer is preferable because of its excellent adhesion.

Wait at least 24 hours after applying the primer before wallpapering.


Step 3: Installing the wallpaper

Sometimes our eye thinks it’s straight, but it may not be. That’s why we recommend using a level to install the wallpaper with precision.

You can draw pencil lines on the wall to help you install your sheets of wallpaper perfectly straight. And when you cut the sheets, always leave yourself at least 2 inches extra! That way, you’ll be able to wallpaper the entire surface without any worries.

For more tips on efficient wallpaper installation, click here.


Step 4: Painting the wallpaper

You’ll need to wait about 72 hours after wallpapering before painting. This waiting time may vary depending on the amount of humidity in the air.

Then it’s time to get out the rollers and brushes! To paint textured wallpaper, you can proceed in the same way as for drywall.

For optimum results, we recommend Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec SCUFF-X paint. Not sure what gloss level to choose for your paint? Take note: The glossier the paint, the more the pattern will stand out!

Now you’re ready to tackle your decorating project like a pro. Need some more advice? Make an appointment with one of our decorators; we’ll be happy to assist you.