Blue Nova, Benjamin Moore’s Colour of the Year for 2024

Benjamin Moore has unveiled its colour palette for the coming year, and it’s anything but ordinary!

Throughout 2023, Benjamin Moore has been observing the influences developing in various fields around the world, including fashion, design, culture and the arts. The end result of these analyses and inspirations is a palette that it calls “Colour Trends”, in which we find the famous colour of the year.


Colour Trends 2024

The 8 shades selected by Benjamin Moore’s team for 2024 were chosen to inspire travel and poignant moments that become unforgettable memories.

The softly saturated hues of the Colour Trends 2024 palette reflect a nuanced approach to contrasts, ranging from warm to cool with surprising combinations of classic tones.

The colours in the 2024 palette have verve and personality. Their disparate hues offer endless creative possibilities, designed to help you explore new decorating horizons.

With its darker hues—Regent Green (2136-20), Antique Pewter (1560), Hazy Lilac (2116-40) and Topaz (070)—the Colour Trends 2024 palette offers you interesting variations in shades, tints and contrasts. So you can paint your interior in dark tones, with a moody edge.

As for White Dove (OC-17), Pristine (OC-75), Teacup Rose (2170-50), Honeybee (CSP-950) and Polar Sky (CC-790), they add a touch of softness with their spirited pastel tones. And last but not least, Blue Nova (CC-860)—the colour of the year—perfectly pairs with each of these shades, which are as diametrically opposed as they are captivating.


Blue Nova, the colour of the year

Benjamin Moore invites us to explore the extraordinary with Blue Nova, the colour of the year for 2024. Blue Nova’s mission is to lead the way to the creative unknown. Its depth and intrigue are balanced by an undercurrent of reassurance from the other shades in the 2024 palette.

Blue Nova has an alluring mid-tone, featuring an enchanting duality, capturing the spotlight with endlessly classic appeal.

Here are some ideas for using Blue Nova in your own surroundings:

  • Give your den a spicy new zing with Topaz (070) from wall to ceiling.
  • Create a soothing child’s room with Honeybee (CSP-950) and Teacup Rose (2170-50).
  • Treat yourself to a very classy living room with White Dove (OC-17) walls and Regent Green (2136-20) mouldings.
  • Balance the dark depth of your Hazy Lilac walls (2116-40) with a touch of light from Honeybee-coloured furniture (CSP-950).
  • Treat yourself to a classic décor that will stand the test of time without going out of style by painting walls and mouldings in Pristine (OC-75) and Antique Pewter (1560).


How is 2024 shaping up for you?

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