Create a Timeless Child’s Bedroom

Painting and decorating a child’s bedroom can be great fun. But how do you create a decor that can be adapted and updated over the years?

In this article, we share our top tips for creating a room that reflects your child’s personality, but will also be functional and harmoniously stand the test of time.


Opt for neutral shades with accents of colour

By painting the walls of your child’s bedroom in a neutral colour, you will create a versatile backdrop that can be updated over time according to your child’s interests.

Here are a few shades from Benjamin Moore’s neutral colour palette:



Opting for neutral colours on the walls allows you to incorporate accents of colour into the decor with cushions, a rug or other accessories.

It’s also through these features that you can represent your child’s current passions. Remember: it’s much easier to replace a dinosaur-print comforter cover than to rip jungle-themed wallpaper from all 4 walls of the bedroom!

Need some inspiration? Benjamin Moore offers 7 colour palettes for babies’ and children’s bedrooms.


Invest in durable, versatile furniture

Want to make a purchase that you will be glad you did later on? Choose quality furniture that will be able to grow with your child. The best example of this type of furniture is probably the extendable bed, which can go from baby crib to toddler bed, and then become a junior bed when your little one is old enough.

Once again, as with the walls of the bedroom, furniture in neutral colours and designs will be more likely to stand the test of time without looking out of date.

Are you the do-it-yourself type who likes to give old furniture a new and modern look? If so, why not try coloured furniture, which you can repaint whenever necessary? But make sure the furniture is safe and suitable for your child.


Make room for self-discovery with a creative space

Have you thought about creating a corner dedicated to creativity? It’s always a good idea to provide your children with an area of their own where they can freely express their imagination.

If the room is rather small, you could paint part of one wall with chalkboard paint, where your little one can draw without the risk of damaging anything.

These creative spaces add a playful touch to your children’s room, while allowing them to develop their interests and self-expression.


Prioritize comfort and safety over appearance


While it may be tempting to create an “Instagramable” bedroom, this room should above all be a space where your child feels comfortable and safe.

Make sure that furniture can’t be moved or accidentally fall over, by anchoring it to the wall. For smaller children, furniture with rounded corners is preferable.

Choose soft, comfortable textiles. For children with heightened sensory sensitivity, some textures can be particularly off-putting. So it’s a good idea to check your choices with your little one.

Finally, create an environment conducive to sleep, by limiting visual stimulation and providing a calm, soothing atmosphere.


Involve your child in the decorating process

If your children are old enough to make decisions by the time you start this project, it’s essential that they take an active part in it.

By involving your children in the process of decorating their room, you help them develop a sense of responsibility. In this way, you ensure that the room truly reflects their tastes and interests, so that they maintain a feeling of belonging to this living space.


If two children share the same room

When a room is shared by two or more children, it’s important to create a balance between their individual interests. To do so, opt for themes and decorations that reflect the shared passions of both children, while incorporating personal touches for each one.

Make sure that the play and creative area is also equally divided. This way, each child will have a space of their own to express themselves and have fun.

As for furniture, you could opt for bunk beds or trundle beds to maximize the available space. Also consider individual storage options to help children keep their shared space organized.


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With our advice, you can create a room that grows with your children and continues to bring them joy and comfort for many years to come.

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