Fall has settled in and what a perfect time it is to add new accents to your décor as well as those warm and cosy touches that we love so much about this wonderful season. Fall is also the time to find out about new colour and decor trends.


This fall, orange is the perfect on-trend colour for your decor. Used sparingly, this vivid colour will give you the character and brilliance that you desire, to feel good and at ease in your environment. The goal is not to make your room look like you have opted for a Halloween theme, but rather to give a cheerful boost to decor that you may find is just too dull. Neutral colours are still being featured, such as white, black and grey, but a colour accent is always interesting and may be changed from one season to the next! Such an option is inexpensive and gives you a chance to transform your home from time to time. What could be better!


Rose gold objects have been very much in vogue for a number of seasons now. Whether in deco articles or light fixtures and faucets, this classy little touch will not only bring more light into your room, but will also add originality and femininity!
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Fixture :



This season, we are putting pastels aside in favour of Bordeaux! These hues are interesting, both for textures—such as velour and leather—and for materials, such as metal. Adding a velour cushion or footrest will give a warm, luxurious look to your room. And if you want to go for an ultimate final touch, why not paint one of your walls Bordeaux! These shades perfectly coordinate with neutrals and all styles.


This season, dare to try these new trends and don’t be afraid to undertake deco projects, which will undoubtedly prove to be a worthwhile change to give a new, updated look to your interior decor.