New Touches Using Wallpaper

New Touches Using Wallpaper by Décoration Le Corbusier

A number of aspects of interior decoration are well established and have been popular for centuries. Wallpaper is one such example and continues to change over time, in keeping with current trends.

Do you know the origin of wallpaper? The idea came from 18th century manufacturers who decided to print rolls of paper about ten metres long and paste them together. Over the next century, this idea became a decorative feature of interior design that would follow the aesthetic and technological developments of the new printing processes. Wallpaper—still popular today—continues to change and keep in tune with the times.

In 2018, wallpaper is considered to be a complementary decorative aspect of interior design. It helps express a certain creativity through design and textures. In addition, it may be used to enhance a single wall, adding originality and atmosphere to a room. Some designs may seem difficult to integrate into a particular decor. Below you will therefore find a few ideas for adding wallpaper to your present decor. You’ll see, it’s much easier than you think!

A wallpaper headboard

This is the ideal option for adding a hint of a style you like, but not too much. Just place a strip of wallpaper vertically, directly behind your bed, as wide as the base of your bed. What better way to have a completely original headboard, without having to spend money on a new piece of furniture!

A large-scale tableau

The world of wallpaper is enormous and offers a wide range of styles to suit every taste. Why not use it to display an immense image reminding you of your unforgettable trip to the Caribbean? Don’t bother with traditional framing, but instead, opt for wallpaper placed over part or all of a wall. A touch of exoticism giving you the impression of travelling in the comfort of your living room!

A ceiling canvas

The trend is to focus on specific areas in a room. The ceiling is an important point where you can give free rein to your creativity. It can become a real place of expression! Installing a few strips of wallpaper can bring a whole new look to your decor.

Be daring with wallpaper! You won’t regret it! By adding some in a room, you can customize your decor and give it character, no matter what type of paper you choose. Contact one of our decorators so that she can help you select your wallpaper, based on your own preferences!