Mauve is In!

Mauve is In!

If you have always been attracted to purple shades, you will be delighted this year! Last December, Pantone announced the colour of the year for 2018: Ultra violet. Inspiring imagination and mystery, this shade will certainly be very popular in interior decorations and designs!

Including it in your decor

Purple may seem difficult to add to a room because it is a very bright colour. With small or large touches, purple creates a warm atmosphere. In order to succeed in all decors, this colour of the year will be presented in several shades and intensities, so there will be something for every taste! Some may consider it too feminine a colour, but rest assured, this thinking is outdated. It goes wonderfully well in male decors, too.

If you are more conservative in your interior design, opt for small touches of mauve. With just a little mauve accent, you will still follow the latest trends, while keeping the neutral look of your decor! When you choose your purple hue, go for it with an intensity that inspires you and makes you feel at ease. For those of you who like to get out of your comfort zone and experiment, dark shades are the ideal choice. Ultra violet, with a bluish tint, would be the perfect pick!

Whether your decor is contemporary, modern or rustic, purple will blend in with all styles to create the atmosphere you want.

Pair it with other colours

Purple is one of the most difficult colours to coordinate. Here are a few small details to know before putting it in your decor without going wrong.

Curry yellow, a complementary colour of mauve, is surely a perfect combination! This duo can be used in a bedroom to provide relaxation and intimacy in a daring way. This is definitely the atmosphere sought for relaxation when going to bed. Benjamin Moore offers a shade called Kalamata AF-630 in its Affinity collection—a dark purple colour that promotes rest.

This combination can also be added successfully to a kitchen setting, as yellow is an appetizing colour and purple makes us think of eggplant and plums. Among the yellows, Spice Market CSP-925 is a perfect match with all shades of purple! These two colours combined will automatically update your kitchen.

For a more neutral look, purple goes very well with all shades of grey. This combination is more in keeping with a classic, neutral style. It produces an effect of intensity and brightness that enhances a decor. In a living room or office, it’s a guaranteed success! In Benjamin Moore’s new 2018 palette, you will find the color Excalibur Gray 2118-50, a slightly mauvish grey that could also be an alternative for more conservative preferences.

In 2018, succumb to the color Ultra violet! This shade is bright, sparkling and warm. If you have any questions or would like some advice on how to add it to your decor, come and meet with the team at Décoration Le Corbusier!