How to Choose the Right Wall Colour and Finish for a Room?

How to Choose the Right Wall Colour and Finish for a Room?

Often considered a simple, fun step in decoration, choosing the paint is nevertheless one of the most important aspects in a decoration project. A decor design should reflect your personality. The choice of wall colour and finish have an impact on the whole room and each person has a colour palette that allows them to feel good and be in their comfort zone. This article will help you know how to choose the right paint!


Before your visit to Décoration le Corbusier’s shop

Before you meet with a professional who will help you choose your paint, it is recommended that you do a few things to make your meeting easier. First, it is important to analyse your present decor and the components that complete it. If it is a room that you want to modernize by changing the colour of the walls, take a picture of the entire room and the colour schemes there. This will guide the adviser in the colour suggestions he will be able to offer you. It is important to base your choices on the furniture and decorative items you already have, in order to coordinate everything to go together.


On the other hand, if you’re fully redecorating your room from scratch, it’s therefore time to look for your inspirations! Painting is one of the first things to choose to determine the style of your decor. Of course, interior decoration magazines are an invaluable source of influence and practical advice. There are several web platforms that present you a wide range of decor options to help you determine your tastes and desires. Following your selections, prepare your file on your mobile phone to show it to the store advisor. In fact, Benjamin Moore—directly online—showcases its vast collection of colours in decorated rooms. This is the ideal way to select your preferences before you meet with your advisor. If you have no ideas, don’t worry! A decorator can help you guide the vision of your project according to the latest trends or propose timeless styles.


The appointment

When the time comes to meet with the interior designer, it’s your turn to present your inspirations and desires for your project. Colour suggestions will then be offered to you after listening to your wishes. The designer will help you make your choice, while guiding you through what you might not have thought of in the first place! Don’t be afraid to listen to his precious decoration advice, because it is often during these moments that you will receive many tips and tricks for the rest of your decor.


Once the color and finish have been selected, it will be important to request a sample of the colour and finish so that you can test it out during your shopping trips. It is with this sample that you can test the colour in the actual lighting of your room. Also, you will be able to choose your decorative items, such as cushions, rugs and curtains!


Don’t hesitate to contact your designer at any time if you have any questions or thoughts about your choice. We invite you to contact one of our designers to make an appointment for your painting project!