Summer holidays are finally here! This is also a good time to organize small projects in your home and make changes to your property. Why not take advantage of the holidays to give your child’s room a new look? This room in a home is often neglected, and yet it is very important to make regular changes there as your child grows up. Your child’s tastes and interests will change over the many different stages in life. It is therefore of the utmost importance to listen to your child’s needs, if changes in your child’s decor are to be made in keeping with your child’s own aspirations. Here are some ideas for changes to give your child’s room a new look without “ruining” you!

A neutral paint

The choice of wall colour is very important in your child’s room. A neutral shade will ensure you a timeless base to which you will only have to add accessories in more vibrant colours, according to your child’s tastes of the moment. This room must be cozy and pleasant, regardless of your child’s age. Light grey, cream and pure white are wise choices that your child will definitely like! In Benjamin Moore’s selection, you will find Dreamy Cloud, Classic White, Simply White as well as Mascarpone, a beautiful, soft beige cream.

Vibrant wallpaper

Putting wallpaper in your child’s room is an economical and original option. A vibrant and colourful wallpaper will add a touch of your child’s own personality to the room as well as a touch of your child’s favourite colour, without having to repaint all the walls. At Décoration Le Corbusier, a vast selection of wallpaper is available on site. In this way, you can see the samples and make the choice with your child right in the store. Designs and styles for all tastes and all budgets that will catch your guests’ eye!

Unique accessories

Adding accessories to the decor is certainly one of everybody’s favourite steps! Simply changing the cover of a coloured cushion or a picture frame can modernize your child’s room. Accessories therefore play a major role in a room and their location can also be changed, adding fun and creativity! When shopping for accessories with your child, encourage your child to select them in order to involve your child in the decision-making process and to determine your child’s tastes. It will then be easier to combine the accessories with the other decor components.

The transition from childhood to adolescence is a big change to follow and listen to your child’s tastes. The bedroom is the room where youngsters of that age spend most of their time and it must be pleasant and comfortable for them to create their own bubble, their own privacy. It must therefore reflect their own personality and correspond to their own aspirations and lifestyle!