Discover Benjamin Moore’s Scuff-X Paint!

We’re all looking for the ideal paint that will resist the hard knocks and scuffs of everyday life. For sure, high-traffic or common areas, such as hallways and vestibules, offices or service areas, are more prone to scratches, stains and little nicks of all kinds. To remedy this situation, Benjamin Moore now offers a brand new range of paints called Scuff-X. Here is an overview of the advantages of this product:

Superior scuff-resistance

Test results show that Scuff-X paint clearly outperforms the competition. Its scuff resistance ensures minimal maintenance in high-traffic areas. Its exclusive formula makes cleaning easy and withstands frequent washing.

Quick drying

Drying time is another advantage of this product. Scuff-X’s quick drying time meets the highest quality criteria for impeccable customer service, as you won’t have to restrict access to these areas. With Scuff-X, you will be able to reduce the long waits for drying and also avoid the many touch-ups required in high-traffic common areas in hotels, restaurants and other lodging facilities.

An environmentally friendly product

Scuff-X paint has a very low volatile organic compound (VOC) content and qualifies for LEED v4 credits, making it the paint of choice for creating CHPS*-certified learning environments. This product is therefore ideal for covering the walls of schools, changing rooms, gyms or dormitories. And also for walls in health care centres or hospitals, as it provides an impeccable finish in places where patient health is a priority.


Easy to apply, for guaranteed satisfaction

A winner of several key industry awards, Scuff-X also has the advantage of being easy to apply, while offering excellent touch-up performance. A single-component paint, it doesn’t need to be mixed or measured and has no limited pot-life. And lastly, the choice of colours is unlimited. Some companies have opted to use Scuff-X paint as well as Jean-De La Fontaine school in Terrebonne and the Saint-Eustache hospital for its short-stay unit.

Scuff-X paint is now available at Décoration Le Corbusier and our experts will be pleased to advise you on using this paint. To learn more about this product, visit Benjamin Moore’s website:

*CHPS: Collaborative for High Performance Schools