Four Tips for Staining Your Deck

As summer draws to a close, it’s not too late to consider staining your deck. In fact, this will help you start the next season a little more in advance! At Décoration Le Corbusier, we carry Benjamin Moore’s premium ARBORCOAT® exterior stains, which provide superior protection, while enhancing the colour of your wood. We also carry Cutek stain, a product that is easy to apply, does not peel and has good colour retention. Here are some simple tips to ensure the success of your project!

Make sure you prepare your surface properly
A well-prepared surface will better absorb the stain, which in turn will ensure the longevity of the application. If your deck has already been stained, first remove the previous stain on the wood. To do so, you can use an electric sander equipped with 80- to 12-grit sandpaper. Alternatively, you can rent a floor sandblaster at a rental centre. This option is much more efficient and will save you time and energy.

Once the surface has been stripped, be sure to identify any small imperfections, such as holes, poorly driven nails, mould or splinters. Then repair those imperfections and clean the wood thoroughly. You can use a pressure washer for effective cleaning or simply clean the floor by hand with hot, slightly soapy water.

Wait for good weather
Many people may be tempted to stain their deck on a hot, sunny day. However, the heat of the sun’s rays could “bake” your stain, which would prevent it from being absorbed effectively. In fact, you should avoid staining when it is over 25°C outside and when the sun is out. Pick a day when the temperature is between 10°C and 20°C and make sure the wood surface is very dry. Wait until the morning dew has dried and choose a cloudy day. Ideally, do your staining in the shade. Lastly, make sure you do it on a day when no rain is forecast for the next few days, to allow for optimal drying.

Choose the right tools
A paint brush is the ideal tool for applying the stain to your deck. A natural silk brush is best for oil-based coatings, while a synthetic-fibre (nylon) brush is best for acrylic coatings. You could use a paint roller instead, but it will be more difficult to make sure that the stain has penetrated well in the inside of the slats. To do this, you will need to use a brush as well as for the sides of the deck. To ensure that the application is uniform, apply the stain over the entire surface of the board before proceeding to the next board. This will avoid any traces of overlap and will produce more consistent results.

Allow sufficient drying time
Once the stain has been applied all over, it is important to allow it to dry adequately before walking on the surface or installing your outdoor furniture on it. It is recommended to wait a minimum of 48 hours before walking on the surface. This will allow the stain to soak in well and save you from having to stain again next year.

For any questions or to select the stain you need for your deck, visit one of our four Le  Corbusier stores. Our employees will be happy to advise you on the products and quantities to buy, while providing you with sound advice on how to successfully stain your deck. Don’t delay any longer, so you can enjoy the last few weeks of good weather!