Le Corbusier Decoration: Committed to Its Community

At Décoration Le Corbusier, social involvement and the environment are values that are well rooted within our organization. Indeed, we believe it is essential to build relations with the community, while finding ways to avoid waste. That is why we regularly take actions that enable us to carry out helpful activities. Learn more about our commitment and the actions we are taking to respect the planet.

Fabric cuttings, to help young people in need
In order to always be on the lookout for trends, we frequently receive new fabric and wallpaper catalogues, quickly making old collections out of date. So we asked ourselves how best to dispose of these catalogues filled with high-quality fabrics and wallpapers.

This is how we decided to regularly choose organizations that are looking for materials to be transformed into original objects, through skilled hands. Among the organizations that benefit from our donations is the Women’s Committee of the Knights of Columbus of Montreal, which has proven to be creative in recycling our curtain and fabric samples, for example by making quilts and dolls that are sold to raise funds for disadvantaged youth. The proceeds from these sales then enable these children to have the money they need to participate in summer camps, which would not be possible otherwise.

Stimulate the creativity of tiny tots with wallpaper samples
As for our wallpaper catalogues, we pass them on to a few daycare centres, which use them for children’s crafts. Like real gifts, these samples stimulate these young children’s imagination and give them the joy of receiving a surprise. We believe it is important to take civic action, in order to give back to the community.

As an organization advocating creativity, we believe that everything we no longer need has real potential for reuse. Through simple actions, we want to transform the lives of the members of our community, while keeping in mind the environmental impact of each object thrown away. That is why we want to limit waste, and thereby consolidate our ecological values. At Décoration Le Corbusier, we believe that each of us must contribute to the well-being of the community, and this is what drives us to find solutions for the sustainability of the environment and each individual.