Spring 2024 Decorating Trends to Brighten Up Your Home

Spring promises to be an exciting time for interior design. Whether you’re looking to subtly freshen up your living space or give it a major makeover, we’ve got some suggestions for you…

Discover the must-have decorating trends that will make a splash this spring.


The colours to have in our homes for this spring

In the world of interior design, spring 2024 features an explosion of colours, bringing freshness and vitality to our interiors. Discover the shades that will characterize this season and see how you can stylishly incorporate them into your décor.


Bright colours

Vibrant, vitamin-packed hues will liven up our interiors, infusing them with boldness and good cheer. Whether on walls, furniture or decorative accessories, dare to use bright colours to create a dynamic living space that will brighten up your everyday life.


Here’s a selection of bright colours that can be found in Benjamin Moore paints:


Pastel shades

For spring 2024, pastels continue to win over customers with their soothing appeal. These soft tones provide an ideal backdrop for creating a peaceful interior. For a subtle yet attractive contrast, don’t hesitate to add touches of brighter hues!


Here are a few pastel shades from Benjamin Moore’s Colour Trends 2024 Palette:


Neutral and natural tones

All-purpose and timeless, neutrals are always a good option. For spring 2024, earth tones bring warmth and comfort to our interiors. They also blend well with a variety of materials, including metal and glass, to create a harmonious visual balance.


Here are some neutrals tones options from the wide range of Benjamin Moore paints:

Patterns and textures in the spotlight for spring 2024

While colours are very important, textures and patterns also play an essential role in creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. See how these elements can add character to your interior and awaken your senses.


Retro and eclectic patterns

The retro look is making a strong comeback in our décor this spring. From ’70s-inspired lines to fine stripes, animal prints, florals and foliage, interior design is being adorned with bold, colourful visuals. Dare to play with patterns and wallpaper to create a room with character.

Combining textures

Combining various textures is a winning strategy for infusing your interior with personality. Fresh linen, jute rugs, soft cotton sofas… Diversify textiles and materials to enrich the sensory experience of your space. You can also opt for contrasts between smooth and rough or shiny and matte textures. A bold choice that can produce impressive results!


Interior design materials for spring 2024

The materials used in interior design can radically transform the atmosphere of a room. Discover how to create a space in perfect harmony with spring’s decorating trends.


Chrome and metal

Chrome and metal are this season’s must-haves. Opt for silvery details, facets and aluminum accessories to add a sophisticated touch to your interior. Or pair them with bright colours or pastel tones for a modern, yet country feel.


Glass and transparency

Let yourself be captivated by the beauty of translucency! From smoked glass to Plexiglas, transparency is in the spotlight for spring 2024. Including a coffee table, room divider or decorative accessory in glass lets you use light to create an airy space with a contemporary look.


Natural materials

Back to basics is a major trend in interior design this spring. Wood, rattan and bamboo bring a raw warmth to our living spaces, while linen lends them understated elegance. Combine these materials with contemporary design elements, such as metal or glass, to create a refreshing contrast.


Furniture and decorative items to look out for this spring

Decorative accessories are the finishing touches that will transform your living space. Enhance your interior with carefully selected components to give each room in your home its own personality.


Rounded shapes in decorative accessories

Organic and rounded shapes are in the spotlight for spring 2024. Like retro patterns, these are reminiscent of the 70s and bring an all-embracing softness to your space. Opt for furniture and objects with flowing, rounded lines to create a welcoming atmosphere.


Light sources

Lighting also plays a significant role in creating a springtime decor. Choose fixtures made from natural materials, such as linen or paper, which radiate a serene light. Vary the light sources to adapt the atmosphere to each moment of the day.


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By following the spring 2024 decorating and interior design trends, you can create a space that reflects your personality, while bringing comfort and coziness into your home.

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