5 Decorating Trends to Discover in 2024

What better way to start the new year than with a change of decor? Whether it’s adding a few decorative accessories or completely renovating a room, there’s no better way to bring your home up to date.

Read on to discover the trends that will be in style in 2024.


Make way for colour

Invigorating, warm and fun: In 2024, colours are here to breathe joy into your decor!

Want to be bold? Go all out: Paint one of your rooms in a solid colour, from walls to ceiling. Prefer to go more low-key? A colourful accent wall can make all the difference. Don’t forget to follow our tips for choosing the perfect paint colour.

For inspiration, why not revisit Benjamin Moore’s 2024 colour trends? You’re sure to find the perfect shade to enhance your interior.

If you prefer your walls in neutral hues, bright colours can also be used in accessories. Whether on rugs, lamps, curtains or furniture, dare to use colour this year!


Say hello to maximalism

In 2024, white and minimal decor are being replaced. Welcome to maximalism, where more is always better!

It’s time to showcase your thousand and one travel souvenirs or your china collection. No need anymore to choose which unique accessory will take pride of place on your coffee table: this year: abundance is welcome in your decor.

Maximalism also means embracing your eclectic side. Don’t be afraid to increase the number of colours and patterns. When tastefully combined, they add a pleasantly eclectic touch to your decor.

Even in maximalism, the key is balance. Make sure you don’t overload the space too much, and create focal points the eye can hold on to.


Opt for an organic aesthetic

For some years now, natural materials have gained a prominent place in our homes, and that’s unlikely to change in 2024. Warm and elegant, simple and refined, they blend with any decor and bring a sense of life to it.

For textiles, linen, cotton and hemp offer a fresh feel that’s sure to please. For furniture, bamboo, rattan and wood are the ideal materials for creating an organic style.

Wood and wicker can also find their place in your decorative accessories to create a natural oasis in the heart of your home.


Shine with chrome

Would you have guessed it? Chrome is making a comeback in 2024! While we’re seeing a taste for bright colours and natural materials, a futuristic trend is also making itself felt in this year’s decorating inspirations, with chrome-plated metal the star of the show.

Aluminum and metallic hues can be found not only in furniture, but also in tapware and decorative accessories. Chrome offers a chic aesthetic, while being durable and practical for everyday use. Accompanied by rawer textures, such as leather or brick, brushed metal is here to stay.


Dare to use wallpaper

Are you ready for the great comeback of wallpaper? This decorative material has managed to reinvent itself in recent years, and in 2024, it’s at the heart of the trends.

In the living room, bedroom, kitchen or even bathroom, wallpaper brings a unique character to the room it decorates. Plain or patterned, paintable or smooth, wallpaper is your ally for a decor that stands out.

In fact, one type of wallpaper particularly stands out in 2024: panoramic wallpaper. Whether it depicts a wild jungle or a Renaissance fresco, it can transform a room all by itself.

Find out how to install your wallpaper for best results.


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